Where are they Wednesday: Julia Vasiliev | College of Arts

Where are they Wednesday: Julia Vasiliev

Julia Vasiliev

Music Composer and Office Manager
Bachelor of Arts, English and Music, 2017

Julia Vasiliev is a graduate from the College of Arts in 2017, studying both English and Music. Julia began playing classical piano from a young age, and decided to pursue her passion for music into her post-secondary education. Julia took the Applied Composition program here at the University of Guelph and participated in our Symphonic Choir for three years. After graduation, Julia began working as an apprentice for Screen Composers Guild of Canada and as a Production Coordinator for BoomBox Sound in 2018. Currently, Julia works for Systema HQ in Toronto doing short films, commericials and promotional clips. 

Congratulations on these achievements and growing career, Julia! 

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