Where are they Wednesday: Julie Byczynski | College of Arts

Where are they Wednesday: Julie Byczynski

Julie Byczynski

Director of Advancement at the Ontario Veterinary College
Bachelor of Arts, Canadian Studies (1997)
Master of Arts, Theatre Studies (1999)

With a specialization in Literature and the Arts, Byczynski completed her BA at the University of Guelph in Canadian Studies. She further pursued her MA in Theatre Studies (Drama) and graduated in 1999. It was during her MA that she became interested in the role that the arts can play in social change. Since her time at Guelph, Byczynski has made a substantial impact in her career, finding ways to combine the arts, community, and social change.

Out of 21 years working for non profit organizations, 15 of those years were in the field of performing arts. Byczynski held fundraising leadership roles for the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, the Royal Shakespeare Company in the United Kingdom, and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in the United States. 

"Working behind the scenes supporting artists and artistic creation has been one of the most rewarding parts of my career," said Byczynski. "I've drawn on the critical thinking skills I learned at U of G College of Arts on a daily basis throughout."

Byczynski returned to the U of G in 2017 by joining the Alumni Affairs & Development team. Currently, Byczynski is the Director of Advancement at the Ontario Veterinary College, where social justice continues to drive her passion. She has found that relationships with animals fills a similar role in our lives as the arts. 

"Animals help us to see the world from another perspective; they fill our hearts and lift us up - just like great theatre, dance and music. Ensuring equitable access to vertinary care and the best possible health and welfare for animals is my current mission."

Thank you, Julie, for continuing to be an inspiration to Arts students everywhere. Your story is one of many that proves the versatility of an Arts degree. Congratulations on your many achievements!