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Where are they Wednesday: Scarlett Raczycki

Scarlett Raczycki
Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy and Museum Studies (2015)
Executive Director at Silence, Guelph, ON.

Scarlett graduated from the College of Arts with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Museum Studies. A year after graduating, she went on to York University for her Master’s in Art History, with a graduate diploma in Curatorial Practices in Visual Culture until 2018. Once her schooling was completed, Scarlett became the Executive Director at Silence, Guelph shortly after. It was during her time at York that she interned at Silence under the former Executive Director. Scarlett’s interests involve art, culture, and community.

Silence is a venue downtown Guelph that is home to independent music-making. Their mission states that they are “dedicated to presenting sound and musical practices that are diverse, challenging, sustainable and accessible.” They offer all of this through different events, such as concerts, workshops, and improvisational sessions. Interested to learn more about the work Silence does? Visit their website, here: http://www.silencesounds.ca/.

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