Where are they Wednesday: Stephanie Caskenette | College of Arts

Where are they Wednesday: Stephanie Caskenette

Stephanie Caskenette

Bachelor of Arts, Art History

Lead Artist/Video Game Creator, Chucklefish Ltd., London, UK.

Welcome back to our weekly alumni features, "Where are they Wednesday!" We're going to kickstart the first "Where are they Wednesday" of the 2020/2021 academic year with Stephanie Caskenette, an Art History graduate from the College of Arts. Following her graduation from the University of Guelph, Stephanie earned her MA in Communications and Media Studies from McGill University in 2017. Shortly after the completion of her MA, Stephanie began working as an artist for Chucklefish, an independent video game development studio based in the United Kingdom. Here, she began exploring her talents as a video game artist, designing indie games with complex worlds and attractive graphics. Currently, Stephanie is developing "Witchbrook", a richly detailed single-player school simulation and action role playing game. Congratulations on your growing successes, Stephanie! We are proud to have you as a College of Arts alumna. 

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