#Wellness@Work | College of Arts


May 8th 2018

Food, fun, diversity, and inclusion! Who could ask for anything more?

margot irvinesandra parmagianiIn honour of Wellness@Work week, we would like to congratulate Director, Margot Irvine and Assistant Director, Sandra Parmegiani on their exciting and innovative project for The School of Languages and Literatures! Irvine and Parmigiani were awarded funds from the Wellness@Work grant program to set up a multicultural cooking class for 20 participants to showcase the different skills, traditions, and knowledge from the diverse cultures present in SOLAL. Set to run in Fall 2018, the class will celebrate cultural diversity and promote both a healthy lifestyle and team-building in the workplace. They will also publish a cookbook which will include favourite recipes and personal anecdotes from the faculty. Profits from the sale of cookbooks will be donated to the United Way. This program will foster an environment for faculty, staff, and students at the University of Guelph to learn more about healthy eating, well-being, and other culture’s traditions.