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The Engineering Peer Helpers are experienced Engineering students who are here to help you. We offer drop-in and by-appointment study groups to help you develop your problem-solving skills. You can also meet one-on-one with an Engineering Peer Helper to get advice and ideas on how to handle engineering classes, manage a busy course load, and make the most of your study time. We also offer workshops, and you may even see us drop by one of your classes. 

What's Happening in Winter 2019

  • ENGG*1210 Study Sessions - Check our Events Page for details
  • Fluids Study Sessions - Go to the "Book Meeting" page, and book a session now!
  • Individual Appointments - Book a meeting for advice and ideas for managing the Engineering courseload

Check out our handouts and guides!

The Engineering Peer Helpers have developed online and in-print resources on Matlab, Problem Solving, Time Management, and other topics for students like you. Check out the Time Management and Problem Solving Quicklinks for more.

Questions? Want to make an appointment? E-mail us at engpeers@uoguelph.ca