Problem Solving

ENGG 1210 - Exam Taking Tips (The "TRIP" Method)

Exam taking tips to help you prepare for Mechanics Tests. What do you do when you are completely stuck in the middle of the exam? No clue how to answer the question. You’re not sure if you’ve seen any similar questions before?! What is the question even asking?!?!

Problem Solving Based Exam Questions

Are you having trouble with the problem solving style of exam questions. Here is a handout prepared by senior students who have encountered the same obstecles and successfully handled the problem.

Problem Solving Exams in Multiple Choice Format 

Are you having trouble with MC style of exam questions. Here are some tips and tricks to gain confidence in handling multiple choice exam questions that involve calculations.


MATLAB Reference Card - A quick reference sheet for MATLAB with common functions and commands

MATLAB Getting Started Guide - Great guide for first time MATLAB users

Example Code - Some example code written by Peers showing: common errors, different ways of importing data, and different ways of manipulating plots.

MATLAB Guide to Error Messages - Guide to common error messages