Welcome, Engineering Students!

ENGG*1210 Study Sessions

Drop in to any session in advance of your quiz. Timings and Locations are available on the ENGG 1210 CourseLink Page or our FaceBook Page.

ENGG*2230 Bookable Study Session

Struggling in Fluid Mechanics? 
Not to worry! The Engineering Peer Helpers are offering Study Sessions this semester. You can book an Engineering Peer Helper to lead a structured study session for you or you and a small group of classmates. Follow the link to book a peer now:

One-on-One Appointments

Feeling stressed? Deadlines catching up to you?

If so, book a one-on-one consultation with an engineering peer helper! Use it as an opportunity to speak to a senior engineering student that can help you find ways to manage your time and stay organized.

Go to the following link to book your meeting today:

They are completely confidential and held in the library.