Welcome, Engineering Students! Here are some of the events that the Engineering Peer Helpers are offering the Fall 2020 semester.

The Virtual Atrium 

Check our Instagram or Facebook page for details (@engpeers_oug) to take part in the first virtual atrium study group! Will be happening Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays!


Given during first-year design lectures virtually, presentations will be recorded and uploaded!

Want more information that you have read about or seen during a workshop? Book a one-on-one consultation with an upper-year engineering peer helper using the link below!

Mock Midterms

Mock midterms will be held virtually where questions will be presented and problem-solving techniques will be the focus of the mock midterm facilitation process.

ENGG1500 Mock Midterm PDF can be accessed via the problem-solving page or from the Engineering Peer Helpers social media platforms.

One-on-One Consultations

Feeling stressed? Are deadlines catching up to you?

If so, book a one-on-one consultation with an engineering peer helper! Use it as an opportunity to speak to a senior engineering student that can help you find ways to manage your time and stay organized.

Go to the following link to book your meeting today:

They are completely confidential and held in the library.