Athletic Therapy

Services offered: Athletic therapy, chiropractic medicine, osteopathy, orthotics, personal training,
injury rehabilitation, massage therapy and acupuncture
Contact: 519-780-0536

Guelph Gryphons Athletic Therapy

Contact: Judy Lynch at
Required number of hours: Commitment varies based on placement. Minimum commitment
required is 5 hours a week in the clinic, but can be much more demanding if placed with a varsity
Tasks: Within the clinic, students will be able to work with varsity athletics, helping set and adjust
modalities such as IFC and ultrasound, assist with stretching, soft tissue release, lead exercises,
take clinical history of patients and help assess injuries.
Working in the field with a team requires a larger time commitment. Students attend all practices
and games to provide first aid treatment, assess injuries, assist with stretches and provide
supportive taping.
Please apply by the end of January of the same year you want to volunteer. This is due to the
fact that training is required and there are many students interested.
Services offered: Athletic therapy, physiotherapy
Contact: 519-837-0701