Massage Therapy

Services provided: Diagnosic, rehabilitation, and health promotion services
Contact: Applications are now being accepted for Summer 2015 volunteer positions. Click here
for details and contact information.
Number of hours required: Positions are a minimumof 3-5 hours per week
Tasks: Volunteers will be involved in clinical and research experiences, and special events
Services offered: Athletic therapy, chiropractic medicine, osteopathy, orthotics, personal training,
injury rehabilitation, massage therapy and acupuncture
Contact: 519-780-0536
Services Provided: Chiropractic medicine, independent medical evaluations, physical therapy/
rehabilitation, custom orthotic therapy, registered massage therapy, kinesiology.
Contact: Dr. Ed Finoro at
Number of hours required: 3 hours/week up to 3 times a week
Tasks: Volunteer help manage and perform modality treatments, create and supervise exercise,
core and stretch programs, assist in Physical demands testing or functional capacity evaluations,
and independent medical evaluations.
Services: Chiropractic medicine, massage therapy, holding workshops
Contact: Audrey Bishop at
Hours: No minumum, however, Monday, Wednesday, Fridays are preferred days.
Tasks: File x-rays and patient charts, assist with patient flow on busy days, assist at our outreach
events: set up, take down, interact with participants, assist at our monthly seminars: greet and seat
folks, assist at the registration desk and during breaks. Potentially show patients to do some of the
"pre"hab tasks. Taking a digital pictures (with a hand held camera) of xrays and uploading the
picture to our new software.
Services: Chiropractic medicine and massage therapy
Contact: Dr. Michael Grabowski at:
Tasks required: Duties would include the use of modalities (mainly laser and inferential current),
observing/aiding patients with various stretches and exercises, learning about paperwork and
clinic notes (MVA, WSIB and SOAP notes) and various reception duties (filing, phones and office