Volunteering within a lab setting provides students with the unique hands-on experience that is not always available in academics.  Students have the opportunity to see all aspects of research, such as compiling relative scientific research, interacting with animal subjects, and conducting clinical trials.  Not only do these experiences help students make decisions regarding their future career path, they also provide valuable networks with professors, which are essential for many post graduate programs.


In order to volunteer in the HHNS, after contacting one of the below faculty members, please fill in and return the University of Guelph waiver form  to Anne Lovett-Hutchinson in ANNU 353.



Dr. Steve Brown

Area of research:  Anatomy and Biomechanics


Tasks that may be required:  Helping with research in the lab, assisting Master's students


Dr. Lorraine Jadeski

Area of research:  Anatomy and Histology


Tasks that may be required:  Volunteering in outreach programs, assisting Master's students, specimen maintenance, monitoring of electronic equipment (cameras, computers), teaching in outreach programs


Dr. Jeremy Simpson

Area of research:  Anatomy, Biochemistry, Cardiorespiratory Physiology, Disease, Exercise Physiology, Histology, Metabolism, Molecular Biology, Pathophysiology


Tasks that may be required:  Housekeeping tasks involved with research (ie. cleaning cages, feeding animal subjects etc), assisting Master's students



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