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News related to sustainability

Incoming MA Management student to investigate crop viability through Food From Thought research assistantship program

Incoming MA Management student Andrew Nixon is among 12 University of Guelph graduate students who will investigate global food issues as part of the Food From Thought research assistantship program from the Arrell Food Institute. A Bachelor of Commerce (Leadership and Organizational Management) alumnus, Nixon's research will focus on enabling managers to more efficiently and effectively diffuse new crops into the food system. His research is timely given the effects of climate change. 

Faculty, student attend PRME Global Forum in NYC

College of Business and Economics professor Kathleen Rodenburg and third-year Accounting student, Dan Gilmour attended the PRME Global Forum in New York City this week, joining more than 300 attendees who are helping to shape the future of business and management education, and support the global effort to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

PRME Regional North America Meeting to focus on integration of Sustainable Development Goals

Since their introduction in 2015, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have become a crucial force in ending poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring prosperity around the globe. How these goals can be integrated into business education, research and strategic partnerships will be the focus of the PRME Regional North America Meeting being held at the University of Guelph from October 18 to 20.

How can a greater emphasis on ‘care’ improve life at work?

Jessica Nicholson wants to improve how we work and how organizations impact society, something she believes can be achieved by a greater emphasis on and understanding of care. Her dissertation contributes to an evolving conversation in management and business ethics literature that takes a more holistic view of how organizations can do good for their employees and community. Jessica hopes to ultimately develop a theory about what the meaning of care is and how it is practiced within an organizational context.

Professor and students explore impact of sustainable tourism in Nepal

Hundreds of thousands of international tourists visit the small South Asian country of Nepal each year to experience its many historical sites and take in the Himalayas. It is most widely known as the main entry point to Mount Everest where thrill seekers risk life and limb to climb to the summit. There is no doubt that these tourism dollars are important to Nepal’s economy, but a growing effort is being made to extend Nepalese tourism beyond traditional excursions and expeditions.

Noted politician and diplomat Stephen Lewis emphasizes need for ethical and responsible leadership

Stephen Lewis has spent much of his career in the public eye fighting to make the world a fair, equal and just place, a battle that continues to become increasingly challenging and crucial to the future of the planet and its people. This was the message he shared with MA Leadership students and alumni at the Luminary Leader Speaker Series event held on Thursday, marking the conclusion of the MA Leadership residential week.

Dean Julia Christensen Hughes participates in responsible management education discussion

College of Business and Economics dean Julia Christensen Hughes recently facilitated a collaborative discussion with fellow business school deans from across North America about growing strong and sustainable businesses and business leaders. The discussion took place at the Responsible Management Education (RME) Affinity Group meeting at the recent AACSB International Deans Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Hydro towers

Questioning a local solution to a global climate change problem

Since the start of Ontario’s cap and trade program at the beginning of 2017, criticism and concern have been heard loud and clear across the province. While many in the scientific community believe there needs to be greater measures taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, economists, including professor Talat Genc, question the economic viability of the Province’s most recent plan of attack in the battle against climate change.

Samantha Nutt speaking

War Child founder shares lessons in leadership

War Child Canada founder and executive director Dr. Samantha Nutt has spent the last two decades leading change around the world in some of the most dangerous and corrupt countries in existence. During this time she has learned valuable - and sometimes unconventional - lessons in how to be an effective leader, wisdom she shared with about 100 MA Leadership students and alumni at the Leadership Call to Action Speaker Series event on January 18.

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