This page outlines the course requirements for the Psychology BA degree Information Systems and Human Behaviour, however the source of this information is the University of Guelph undergraduate calendar and it should be consulted for verification.

Major (Honours Program)

Computing and Information Science Courses

CIS*1500 [0.50] Introduction to Programming
CIS*1910 [0.50] Discrete Structures in Computing I
CIS*2430 [0.50] Object Oriented Programming
CIS*2500 [0.50] Intermediate Programming
CIS*2520 [0.50] Data Structures
CIS*2750 [0.75] Software Systems Development and Integration
CIS*2910 [0.50] Discrete Structures in Computing II
CIS*3530 [0.50] Data Base Systems and Concepts
CIS*3750 [0.75] System Analysis and Design in Applications
CIS*4300 [0.50] Human Computer Interaction

Psychology Courses

PSYC*1000 [0.50] Introduction to Psychology
PSYC*2360 [0.50] Introductory Research Methods
PSYC*2390 [0.50] Principles of Sensation and Perception
PSYC*2650 [0.50] Cognitive Psychology
PSYC*3080 [0.50] Organizational Psychology
0.50 additional Psychology credits a the 3000 level or above.
One of:

SOAN*2040 [0.50] Globalization of Work and Organizations
PSYC*2310 [0.50] Introduction to Social Psychology

One of:

PSYC*3330 [0.50] Memory
PSYC*3340 [0.50] Psycholinguistics

0.50 electives from a 4000 level Psychology course

Sociology and Anthropology Courses

ANTH*1150 [0.50] Introduction to Anthropology
SOC*1100 [0.50] Sociology
SOAN*3070 [0.50] Qualitative and Observational Methods
0.50 electives from a 4000 level course in ANTH, SOAN or SOC

Statistics Courses

STAT*2040 [0.50] Statistics I