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My selection window opens tomorrow but a course I need is full.

The Department of Psychology utilizes rolling caps during course selection periods for Fall and Winter. This means that additional spots are added daily during the corresponding selection window, providing equal opportunity to students attempting to register, whether their course selection window opens on the first or the last day of their year. The additional spots are usually added between 8:00-9:00 am Monday-Friday, and so it is important to be monitoring Webadvisor carefully during that time period.

UPDATED FOR FALL: What are the changes to the regularly scheduled courses?

New Course for Summer 2018:

*In-class* PSYC*1000 Introduction to Psychology - short semester


Summer 2018 DE (Distance Education) Offerings:

PSYC*1000 Introduction to Psychology

PSYC*2310 Introduction to Social Psyschology

PSYC*2410 Behavioural Neuroscience I

PSYC*2450 Developmental Psychology

PSYC*2740 Personality

PSYC*3020 Psychology of Law

PSYC*3480 Psychology of Sport

PSYC*3570 Psychology of Death and Dying

PSYC*3800 Psychology and Education

How does the Course Credit Structure for BA Honours Work?

BAH and BAH Co-op Students in the Honours REGULAR STREAM

There is a maximum number of PSYC courses that you can enroll in at each course level.

1000-Level Courses:

You must take 1.5 credit, comprising

PSYC*1000 Introduction to Psychology  

PSYC*1010 Quantification in Psychology

PSYC*1500 Foundational Skills for Psychology

2000-Level Courses:

You must take 2.5 credits, comprising

PSYC*2070 Teams, Leadership and Professional Behaviour

PSYC*2360 Introductory Research Methods

Two of: