The Open Doors Program

The Open Doors Program provides a Research Honorarium ($1000) for Indigenous and Black students who are registered in a faculty-guided independent research project for credit at the 4000-level, including but not limited to independent study, independent research project, directed reading, and honours thesis courses.

Faculty-guided independent research provides students with the opportunity to develop research skills for academic success at the graduate level. Participants who pursue a master’s degree, in the major research project (MRP) or thesis stream, at the University of Guelph may be awarded a Graduate Entrance Scholarship. Please contact Dr. Jade Ferguson at for scholarship information.

Participants applying to a graduate program at the University of Guelph will be provided with an application fee waiver. All disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Prior to applying to the Open Doors Program, students are expected to identify a faculty supervisor and complete a Course Outline.

Course Outline

Working with the faculty supervisor, students will create a Course Outline with a grading structure. The supervisor must also be available to meet throughout the semester to grade assignments and provide feedback. Please note that 20% of the grade must be in by the 40th day of class, and the final submission cannot be more than 50%.

Students who need assistance identifying a faculty supervisor can connect with the Associate Dean, Academic Equity and Anti-Racism, by contacting Dr. Jade Ferguson at

How to Apply

  1. Complete the Open Doors Program Application Form including the upload of your Course Outline.
  2. On the online application, all applicants are asked to indicate if they self-identify as Black and/or Indigenous. There are no additional supporting documents required to confirm Black identity under the Open Doors Program. Indigenous applicants are required to confirm their First Nations, Inuit or Métis identity by completing the Indigenous Identity Confirmation Process for Students.
  3. All questions should be directed to Dr. Jade Ferguson at


  • January 12, 2024 (for students registered in a 4000-level independent research project in W24)