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University of Guelph Retirees Association Scholarship [I0569]

Donor(s):University of Guelph Retirees Association (U.G.R.A.)
Value:1 award of $3,000
  • Apply By Letter
Deadline:May 15
  • Canadian-PR-PP
  • Non-Canadian-PR-PP

Established in 2007 to acknowledge in-course student achievement. The student having the highest cumulative average will be selected and in the event of a tie, the student with the highest average in the last two semesters of full-time studies will be chosen. Apply by May 15th to Student Financial Services at awards@uoguelph.ca with a letter indicating name of and relationship to a retiree of the University of Guelph. Recipients cannot hold this scholarship and another scholarship greater than $2,500 at the same time.

Students with a minimum cumulative average of 75% registered in a degree program who are related to a retiree of the University of Guelph as child, grand child or great grand child who have not held the scholarship before.