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International Doctoral Tuition Scholarship [E5982]

Donor(s):The Univeristy of Guelph
Value:various $50,000: $12,500/year for up to 4 years (3 equal payments)
  • No Application Required
  • Non-Canadian-PR-PP

Established to facilitate recruitment of outstanding international doctoral students; at $12,500 per year for up to four years, these scholarships essentially cover the difference between international and domestic tuition. International students who become permanent residents or Canadian citizens will no longer be eligible for the scholarship. Incoming students who have not identified their residency status with the Office of Registrarial Services by the 14th class day are not eligible until such evidence is presented. Students must remain registered full-time and maintain satisfactory progress for the duration of the scholarship in order to maintain funding.Not tenable with the International Graduate Tuition Scholarship, Ontario Trillium Scholarships, Brock Doctoral Scholarships, Arrell Scholarships, Vanier CGS-D, Dairy Farmers of Ontario, China Scholarship Council, CONACyT, Science without Borders or any other third party funding (e.g., workplace funding, scholarships from a home government). No application required; currently registered eligible students will be identified by OGPS. Incoming students will be identified by their departments and the award will be included in their offer of admission.

Full-time current or entering international PhD students admitted to their program with a minimum A- admission average and current or entering DVSC students admitted to their program with a minimum B admission average, and who are billed the international tuition rates, are eligible. International doctoral students who were admitted with an average lower than the minimum required admission average will be eligible in the semester following successful completion of their qualifying exam, for the remainder of the four-year (up to the 12th registered semester) period of eligibility. Students who transfer from a Master program to a doctoral program will be eligible for up to 12 semesters of IDTS funding, starting in the semester in which they are enrolled in the doctoral program.