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International Masters Tuition Scholarship – Course-based [E6074]

Donor(s):University of Guelph
Value:various awards of $6,000 (payable over 3 semesters)
Awarded:In the fall and the recipient must be registered to receive, In the winter and the recipient must be registered to receive, In the summer and the recipient must be registered to receive
  • No Application Required
  • Application for Admission
  • Non-Canadian-PR-PP

Established to facilitate recruitment of outstanding International masters students. Students will be identified by their departments and the award will be included in their offer of admission. Award is guaranteed if all eligibility requirements are met. Students must remain registered full-time and maintain satisfactory progress for the duration of the scholarship to maintain funding. Entering and in-course students who are in semesters 1-2 are eligible for funding up to their 3rd registered semester. Students who transfer from a masters program to a doctoral program will no longer be eligible, starting in the semester they are registered in the doctoral program. International students who become permanent residents or Canadian citizens will no longer be eligible. This award cannot be held with the International Doctoral Tuition Scholarship (IDTS), International Masters Tuition Scholarship – Thesis-based, Arrell Scholarships, or any other third-party funding (e.g. workplace funding, scholarships from a home government).

Students entering or registered in semesters 1-2 of any full-time course-based masters program paying the International tuition and fee rates with a minimum B- admission average who have completed a 4-year undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph. Students must have maintained registration at the University of Guelph for each semester of the 4-year honours undergraduate degree.