Optional Fees (Student Choice Initiative)

On Nov. 21, 2019, the Ontario Divisional Court ruled against the Student Choice Initiative. The provincial government is appealing the decision. Given the uncertainty of the situation, and the fact that Guelph’s opt-out process was primarily completed by Nov. 19, student invoices for the winter 2020 semester will reflect students’ opt-out choices. Please note that this is an interim decision; the University will monitor the situation and notify students of any changes.

The Student Choice Initiative allows students to choose which optional fees they wish to pay each semester. All students will continue to pay fees deemed compulsory because they provide essential services.

The Student Choice Initiative is available before the billing period of each academic semester, via WebAdvisor. See below for important dates for the upcoming semester and instructions for choosing optional fees.

Fees support programs and services that benefit students and enhance the University of Guelph’s unique campus culture and student experience. Please read the descriptions of these fees carefully. Payment of optional fees ensures access to these programs and services.

Students who choose to pay the fees for student unions and student government organizations will be considered members of those groups and will be eligible to participate in member-only activities. As part of the Student Choice Initiative, your student information may be shared as a member of the clubs and organizations that you have funded through student fees.

Important Dates

Winter 2020

Window for choosing optional fees for all students: October 28 to November 17, 2019.

Descriptions of Optional Fees

Optional fees for undergraduate and diploma students on the Guelph campus

Optional fees for graduate students on the Guelph campus

Optional fees for Ridgetown students

Optional fees for Guelph-Humber students (undergraduate and graduate)

How to Choose Optional Fees

  1. Sign in to WebAdvisor.
  2. Click on the "Student Choice Initiative (SCI)" link on the right-hand side, in the “Financial Profile” section.
  3. After reading the fee descriptions, check off the fee(s) that you are choosing not to pay.
  4. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

You will receive a confirmation email with a summary of your selection(s). You can also confirm your selection(s) on WebAdvisor by clicking on the "Summary of SCI Fees" link in the "Financial Profile" section.

Please note: You cannot make any changes once you submit the form. Your bill for the semester will include all compulsory fees and your selected optional fees.

Frequently Asked Questions