BLA Students Win 2014 OSSGA Design Competition Awards

Posted on Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Written by Karen Landman

The winners of the 2014 OSSGA Student Design Awards were recently announced.  The Student Design Competition is sponsored by The Ontario Aggregate Resources Corporation, an arm of the Ministry of Natural Resources, and administered by the OSSGA. The Minister of Natural Resources attended the awards ceremony, which was held on February 25, 2015 in Toronto.

The University of Guelph third-year Bachelor of Landscape Architecture students won first, second and third prizes, as well as three honourable mentions. Congratulations!!

1st prize: Belinda Ching, Monica Kwok, Lily Xia ($3,300)
2nd prize: Rebecca Helm, Manzure Yaermaimaiti, Adjah Vangah ($2,100)
3rd prize: Michelle Peeters, Richard Stethem ($1,000)

Honourable mentions ($600 for each team):
Bart Bouwmeister, Ben Leger, Evan Short
Chelsea Allan, Andrew Merrett, Linda Pringle
Logan Cooper, Emily Dance, Mallory Thacker

1st Place Winners
Left to right: 1st prize winners: Monica Kwok, Belinda Ching with OSSGA Board Member, James Gordon.

2nd Place Winners
Left to right:  Adjah Vangah, Manzure Yaermaimaiti with OSSGA Board Member, James Gordon.

3rd Prize Winners 
Left to right:  Richard Stethem, Michelle Peeters with OSSGA Board Member, James Gordon.

Honorable mentions
Left to right:  Bart Bouwmeister, Ben Leger with OSSGA Board Member, James Gordon.

Honourable Mention Award
Left to right:  Andrew Merrett, Linda Pringle, Chelsea Allan with OSSGA Board Member, James Gordon.

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