Winter 2020 GTA Positions Available

Posted on Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

The Winter 2019 SEDRD Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) positions have now been posted. The deadline for applications is November 4, 2019. In order to be considered for a position, you must apply online at for each of the positions you are interested in.

You must be logged into the site in order to apply for the positions.  Instructions are on the home page. You must use your email account or you will not be able to apply. Do not create a new account.

You may apply to multiple positions; note that "consider me for all other positions in the department" will only apply if there are no qualified candidates who have applied for a position (in SEDRD, this is rare). The best way to ensure that your application is considered for a position is to apply directly to that position. 

Remember: you will be assessed based on your application. Include all relevant details, paying particular attention to the qualifications listed in the posting. You will be able to upload a CV in addition to the online form - if you'd like to include a cover letter you will need to merge the cover letter and CV into one file. It is important that the selection committee is able to assess your file based on the information you have provided in your application. 

Levels of Consideration:

  • LOC #1 - These are students who have been guaranteed a GTA position in their offer letter (this will not apply to most students)
  • LOC #2 - Students within their prescribed programme period (Masters is 6 full-time semesters; PhD is 9 full-time semesters). Most SEDRD applications will fall in this category.
  • LOC #3 - Students who are outside of their prescribed programme period (i.e. beyond the time-frames listed above)

Please see the following FAQs for details on JSP and LOC questions:

  1. What is a Job Security Period (JSP)?
  2. What Level of Consideration am I in?

The following positions are available:

Landscape Architecture
LARC*2020*01            Foundational Design Studio
LARC*2230*01            Planting Design
LARC*2420*01            Materials & Techniques
LARC*2820*01            Urban & Regional Planning
LARC*3050*01            Urban Design Studio
LARC*3430*01            Introduction to Landscape Construction
LARC*4710*01            Capstone Design Studio

EDRD*3140*DE           Organizational Communication
EDRD*3160*DE           International Communication
EDRD*3500*DE           Tourism & Recreation Planning

If you are offered a position, an automated email will be sent notifying you that an offer letter is available. You must accept the offer through the online portal (the email will provide instructions). I will circulate another email to let you know when all of the positions have been filled.

Thank you,


Jennifer McCreary | Administrative Officer
School of Environmental Design & Rural Development | University of Guelph
Landscape Architecture Building, Room 102A | 50 Stone Rd E | Guelph, ON | N1G 2W1
519-824-4120 Ext. 53353 |

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