Winter 2017 GTA Applications Due November 22, 2016

Posted on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

The Winter 2017 SEDRD Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) positions have now been posted. The deadline for applications is November 22nd, 2016. In order to be considered for a position, you must apply online at

You must be logged into the site in order to apply for the positions (or create a profile if you have not already done so). Instructions are on the home page.

Please note that many GTA positions require that you be available during the class hours. Please review the days and times required (listed on the posting) before applying.  You may apply to multiple positions; note that "consider me for all other positions in the department" will only apply if there are no qualified candidates who have applied for a position (in SEDRD, this is rare). The best way to ensure that your application is considered for a position is to apply directly to that position. 

Levels of Consideration:
LOC #1 - These are students who have been guaranteed a GTA position in their offer letter
LOC #2 - Students within their prescribed programme period (Masters is 6 full-time semesters; PhD is 9 full-time semesters).  Most SEDRD applications will fall in this category.
LOC #3 - Students who are outside of their prescribed programme period (i.e. beyond the time-frames listed above)

The following GTA positions are available for Winter 2017:

EDRD*3140*DE Organizational Communication - 2 x 0.5
EDRD*3160*DE International Communication - 1 x 0.5
EDRD*3500*DE Tourism and Recreation Planning - 2 x 0.5
EDRD*1400 Introduction to Design - 2 x 0.5 
LARC*2020 Design Studio - 2 x 0.5
LARC*2230 Planning Design I - 2 x 0.5
LARC*2420 Materials and Techniques - 2 x 0.5
LARC*2820 Urban and Regional Planning - 2 x 0.5 
LARC*3050 Landscape Architecture I - 2 x 0.5
LARC*3430 Landscape Construction I - 2 x 0.5
LARC*4710 Integrative Design Studio - 2 x 0.5
RPD*6280 Advanced Planning Practice - 1 x 0.5
RPD*6380 Application of Quantitative Tech in RPD - 1 x 0.5

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