Health, Mind & Body (HIST*4200) | College of Arts

Health, Mind & Body (HIST*4200)

Code and section: HIST*4200*01

Term: Fall 2017

Instructor: Tara Abraham


Course Synopsis:

This course will examine the historical dimensions of mind and brain sciences from the nineteenth century to the present. We will examine the social, cultural, and institutional ramifications of attempts to understand and treat diseased minds and brains. Topics will include: institutions, disease categories, madness, Freud, human kinds, mental illness, gender, scientific practice, disciplines, professions, motherhood, eugenics, neurosurgery, psychiatry, and mad people’s history.

Methods of Evaluation and Weights:

Writing Services Participation: Scribe's Hero - 5%
Two Seminar Presentations (10% each) - 20%
Research Proposal and Annotated Bibliography - 10%
Research Presentation - 10%
Research Essay - 35%
Seminar Participation - 20%

Required Readings:

A set of online (electronic) readings, available through the University of Guelph Library's Course Reserves system, Ares:

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