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The Reformation (HIST*3750)

Code and section: HIST*3750*01

Term: Winter 2018

Instructor: Peter Goddard


Course Synopsis:

This course studies the upheaval in Christian religious and social organization 1400 1600. Topics include “Traditional Christianity” and popular religion, Luther's reforms, the theological and political challenge of early Reformation, Calvin's Church in Geneva and the Low Countries, the "Radical Reformation" of the Mennonites, Hutterites and others, reform in the Northern and Northwestern Kingdoms of Europe as well as the Catholic world, and transformations in early modern social, political and gender relations.

Assignments & Evaluation:

Tri-weekly Question sets (3, worth 13 points each)    39%
“My question is”?  Short Reflective Essay or other medium (25 March)    22%
Final Exam (April)    29%
Participation:  a grade derived from evidence of assigned reading; participation in polls and discussion; wakefulness and engagement in class    10%


Euan Cameron, The European Reformation, 2nd ed. Oxford: OUP, 2012, and digitized documents and articles as linked to syllabus, website and/or Hist*3750 Course Reserve.

*Please note:  This is a preliminary web course description only.  The department reserves the right to change without notice any information in this description.  The final, binding course outline will be distributed in the first class of the semester.