COA Faculty Research Seed Fund

This fund is intended to support high-quality research or creative activity by College of Arts faculty members, limited-term appointments and post-doctoral fellows. It is normally expected that the projects supported will develop into research programs that seek external funding (e.g. SSHRC support). However, on occasion the supported projects may be of an experimental nature, or of intrinsic merit but too limited in scope to attract major external funding.

Contractually-limited term appointments and postdoctoral fellows are eligible, provided they are employed under a contract with the University for a period sufficiently long to make it feasible to carry out the proposed research project and/or travel. Sessional instructors, professors emeriti, and visiting fellows and scholars are not eligible for this program.

There are two competitions per year, one in the Fall semester and one in the Winter. A pool of $15,000 will normally be available for each competition. The maximum award per applicant in this competition is $1,500, and applicants will be funded for at most one research or creation activity per competition.

For the Fall competition the funded activity must take place, or have taken place, between July 1 of the competition year and April 30 of the subsequent year. For the Winter competition the funded activity must take place, or have taken place, between November 1 of the previous year and August 31 of the competition year.

The COA Research Advisory Council will adjudicate the competition. This fund normally will not fund teaching release, research assistantships or computer equipment. It will fund publication subventions only in exceptional circumstances. Conference travel is an eligible expense as long as it is connected to the pursuit of a broader research project. Applications to support sabbatical leave research projects are welcome. Applications from faculty who hold research chairs or significant funding which might be used to fund the proposed project will not be approved.

College of Arts Faculty Research Seed Fund Apllication (WORD)

Application Process

Applications are due for the Fall competition by October 15.
Applications are due for the Winter competition by February 15.

The application form should be completed and emailed, by this deadline (as a Word, RTF or PDF document), to the Associate Dean, Andrew Bailey, at Please also submit a CV (as a Word, RTF or PDF document) in any standard format. An OR-5 form is not required.

File attachments