Graduate Courses 2020-2021 | College of Arts

Graduate Courses 2020-2021

The following is a list of our graduate course offerings for the 20-21 academic year:


Fall 2020

Phil 6120: Philosophy of Mind
Instructor: Andrew Bailey

Phil 6230: Ethics
Instructor: Samantha Brennan

Phil 6340: Modern Philosophy
Instructor: Patricia Sheridan

Phil 6730: Contemporary Philosophy of Science
Instructor: Andrew Wayne

Phil 6950/60: Graduate Seminar
Instructor: Don Dedrick

Specific descriptions of our Fall 20 courses can be found here


Winter 2021

Phil 6140: Contemporary European Philosophy
Instructor: John Russon

Phil 6760: Science and Ethics
Instructor: Gus Skorburg

Phil 6940: Selected Topics (Topic for W21: Feminist Philosophy)
Instructor: Karen Wendling

Phil 6950/60: Graduate Seminar
Instructor Don Dedrick

*Please note, that this list is subject to change, but any such changes will be reflected on this page.

Descriptions of all of our graduate courses can be found in the Graduate Calendar.