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College Featured Researcher News

ASTRA lecture Series: Dr. Thomas Calligaro - Tues Nov 2, 2010

A wide range of scientific methods are currently applied to get a better insight into art works and archaeological artefacts and to improve their conservation and restoration. However, to characterize such precious and sometimes unique artefacts, non-destructive and non-invasive methods are often preferred. Among them, chemical analysis using ion beams produced by accelerators, yielding the composition with excellent performance and total non-destructiveness, constitutes one of the best choices.

Dorothy Odartey-Wellington




Dorothy Odartey-Wellington’s research examines the literature that was published in the colonial press of Equatorial Guinea, the former Spanish colony which used to be known as Spanish Guinea with a view to producing an anthology of the primary sources as well as critical essays on the colonial literary culture and its socio-political climate.