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Congrats to Hannah Summer Studentship awardee: Nico Mara-McKay

A hearty congratulations to MA student Nico Mara-McKay, who is a winner of one of only four national Hannah Summer Studentships. The awards are sponsored by the Canadian Society for the Study of Medicine. Nico will work this summer on their research project, "Patient Women: Surgical Instruments in the Treatment of Medieval Women's Diseases." Well done!

More information about the award.

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Stuart McCook: Coffee Could Get Costly

For many Canadians, the day doesn’t begin until their first sip of coffee.  But the growers who produce that coffee are struggling with a devastating disease that is putting their livelihoods at risk and leaving some coffee market observers to predict that the drink we take for granted could one day become as expensive as cognac.

Indigenous Artist-in-Residence Opportunity

Indigenous Artist-in-Residence in Studio Art

School of Fine Art and Music
College of Arts
University of Guelph

Call for Applications
Date Posted: January 2020
NEW Deadline: March 15, 2020

see attached document for more information

Art History Professor wins UGFA Teaching Award

Cheers and congratulations to Professor Christina Smylitopoulos  who received an UGFA Teaching Award on Thursday last week. Christina's contribution to this school and her reputation as an educator among our students are exceptional - we recognize this - and it is great that UGFA have too!


Philosophy department newsletter for Fall, 2019.