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Public Lectures and Events

The Centre for Scottish Studies is proud to be able to host events in partnership with groups who seek to promote the preservation and study of Scottish culture and heritage, including clan and Scottish societies. If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch with the office.  Below are just some of the events of which we are proud to have played a part.

Upcoming Events

The Centre for Scottish Studies is looking forward to participating in a number of upcoming community events, lectures, and partnerships. Check back soon for more details!

Past Events

Fifth Friday Pub Night (2019)

The Centre for Scottish Studies was delighted to assist the Guelph Civic Museum with their Fifth Friday Pub Night on 29 March 2019. The Pub Night was an outstanding success, featuring trivia games, a make-your-own-heraldry station, ghost stories, whiskey tasting and more. We hope to continue partnering with the museum on future events and exhibits!

Witches at Halloween! Public Talks at the Grimsby Museum (2018, 2019)

In October 2018 and 2019, The Centre for Scottish Studies' Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Sierra Dye, was the invited speaker at the Grimsby Museum for their "Halloween" lecture. Discussing Scotland's witch-hunts and other spooky tales of Samhain, attendees were (trick-or)"treated" to many interesting stories and history about bogles, fairies, and Scottish witchcraft. 

St Andrew's Society Lecture (2017)

On 28 November, it was our great pleasure to welcome Gillebrìde MacMillan to Toronto as our St Andrew's Society lecturer.  Over the course of two hours, Gillebrìde took us through the rich and storied history of Gaelic song collecting, as well as the important conservation and revival work being undertaken in Scotland's Highlands and Islands.  Those in attendance were even treated to a brief song performance!

Great Scots: Leading Canadian Storytellers with Scottish Connections (2017)

On 30 November, we welcomed author Douglas Gibson to the University of Guelph campus where he introduced his new show, which shares the title of the event.  Many thanks to Douglas for the talk and for the time he took to chat with and sign books for attendees afterwards.

Scottish North American Leadership Conference (2017) & Clan MacFarlane

On 11 August, 2017, we welcomed delegates from the Scottish North American Leadership Conference (SNALC) and Clan MacFarlane for talks relating to fourteenth- and fifteenth-century charters.  Our Chair of Scottish Studies, Dr James E. Fraser kicked things off with a talk about the illustrious history of the Centre and the projects we are working on as we approach our 50th anniversary as part of the history department at the University of Guelph.  This overview of our work was then followed by Kathryn Harvey's summary of our Scottish archival and special collections holdings.  Dr Elizabeth Ewan then gave a quick lesson on the contents, reading and usage of late medieval charters in Scottish law and society.  Finally, we were happy to hand things over to Preston McFarland and Peter McFarlin who situated the use of charters within a genealogical framework specific to the history and legacy of Clan MacFarlane.  Don Cumming of Kilt Skate fame summed up these events nicely on his blog, which includes some pictures of the event!