Careers In Our Field

Graduates from the FARE department are presented with diverse career opportunities, which allow them to be leaders not only in Canada but also around the world. Our graduate’s careers range from returning to family farm opportunities, to banking and financial advising, to marketing of agricultural and food products. Employers also normally seek students of the FARE department out during their last months of study and most students graduate with a full time job ahead!

Here is an overview of three major career fields – marketing/communications; finance; agribusiness – for our graduates: Career Pathways

Past FARE Students

agribusiness jobs

Christina Crowley-Arklie
The Bachelor of Commerce Agricultural Business program under FARE at the University of Guelph is one of the most highly-regarded agricultural programs in Canada. During my time as a FARE student, I enjoyed the diversity of classes; the broad-range of topics and classes covered within the program; the mix of theory-based and hands-on learning; the one-on-one relationships you build with professors, faculty and fellow students; and the practical business knowledge and skills you are equipped with. Upon graduating, I was able to use the knowledge and skills from the program even outside of agriculture working for ServiceOntario in the Deputy Minister’s Office and now back in the agricultural industry where I work as the Coordinator of Strategic Communications and Programs at Holstein Canada. This program fully prepares you to be a leader in the “real world” while also providing  you with a fantastic network of proud University of Guelph alumni after graduation.   - Christina Crowley-Arklie, Proud OAC’09

agricultural marketing

Rachel Weber
What I enjoyed most about the FARE program was the diversity of classes offered which allowed students to focus on their areas of most interest, as well as the small classes that allowed me to have more individual interactions with my professors. Since graduation, I have worked in Marketing with Monsanto and am now at RBC as a Credit Analyst in Agriculture. I feel the variety of skills learned and experiences I gained from the program helped prepare me for these different jobs.  

economics jobs

Todd Pemberton
The B.Comm Ag Bus program provided not only a broad base of fundamental business knowledge, but also taught me how the theories and concepts are applied daily within the agri-food industry. Not coming from a farming or agri-food background, the Co-op option afforded me the opportunity to explore the many roads my degree could take me down, and further enhanced my industry knowledge and contact network.The knowledge and skills learned through FARE let me to finance, and I was hired by TD upon graduation where I now work as an Account Manager working directly with farmers and agri-businesses.   - Todd Pemberton, OAC’09

ag sales jobs

Alycia Moore
As a student who enjoyed both arts and sciences, I really enjoyed the diversity of courses I was able to take in the agricultural economics program. Every semester offered a different combination of courses which covered topics that were informative yet very applicable in a generation where feeding the world is becoming a very critical issue. FARE taught me the business skills I needed to work in sales but also gave me the agriculture background which has allowed me to thrive in a business which works with various types of animals.

economic degree jobs

Jessica Agnew
I switched into the FARE program at Guelph in my 3rd year of studies at the University of Guelph.  I really enjoyed the flexibility of the program and being able to focus on the FARE major in an international development context.  I enjoyed the program, faculty and department so much I stayed to take on an Master’s of Science in the FARE major as well.