Learning Beyond the Classroom

agriculture education
Dennis Jansen touring Germany while on exchange.

The department of FARE offers a variety of courses that enable students to engage in in-depth analysis of food, agricultural, environmental and resource issues in Canada and worldwide.

A key feature of the courses, especially in the third and fourth year of study is that they are applied to decision situations in business and policy-making. Your solid education will span from food and agricultural marketing to environmental policy to international development. It will prepare you to become a leader in business, entrepreneurship, in your community and in the global economy.

Students in the majors offered by the department of FARE also have many opportunities to learn outside of the classroom:

  • Work with faculty on an independent research course where you can conduct research under the supervision of an expert in the field.
  • Join faculty on excursions to Costa Rica and the United States where you will learn about agriculture in other cultures.
  • Study for a semester in another country on an exchange program or a study abroad program. Our students have attended universities in countries such as Norway, Sweden, England, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Austria.
  • Gain experience in a relevant summer job while earning academic credit in our experiential education courses.
  • Deepen your industry knowledge and professional skills through eight-month work terms in the co-op program.
  • Network with industry leaders at various career building events and career fairs.
  • Gain leadership skills while being a leader in the university community. Students have the opportunity to run a leadership conference, become a peer helper to help other students in various ways, or run for student government.
  • Be an active member of one of the numerous student clubs associated with the Student Federation of the Ontario Agricultural College and learn from peers.

agriculture schools
Alan Nanne, Jonas Schwarz, Jason Pronk, Tristin Bouwman and Dennis Jansen touring while on exchange.
food resources
Victoria Kyle during her practical work stay in Sweden.
agricultural development
Dennis Jansen during his international exchange term at Wageningen University, the Netherlands.