I want to take a Psychology Independent Study Course, PSYC*3240, PSYC*3910 and PSYC*4240. How do I register for them?

You must contact one or two Psychology Faculty members whose research is similar to your interests and see if they are willing to supervise you. Once you secure a Supervisor, you must complete a contract with them and submit it to the Main office of the Psychology Department for the approval of the Chair.  The contracts for PSYC*3240, PSYC*3910, and PSYC*4240 are found on our website.  Each contract has an instruction page attached to it which you may find helpful to gain clarification on this process. You must register manually for this course, and will be given a Course Waiver form, signed by the Academic Advisor and Manager, once the contract is approved.  The Course Waiver form must then be taken to the 3rd floor of the University Centre to register within the add period.