What are the changes to the regularly scheduled courses?

Winter 2024

PSYC1300 Learning Disabilities
PSYC1400 Mental Health and Well-Being

PSYC1300 and PSYC1400 are taught by the Psychology Department, but managed by Student Accessibility Services. These courses are PAUSED for Winter 2024 and will not be available. 

PSYC3450 Social and Personality Development

PSYC3450 is PAUSED for Winter 2024. It will next be offered in Winter 2025.


Fall 2023 

PSYC3250 Psychological Measurement

PSYC3250 has been deleted, and replaced with PSYC4290 Psychological Measurement. BAH.PSYC and BAH.PSYC:C will automatically recognize completion of either course as fulfillment of the PSYC major's requirements. 

A minimum PSYC average of 70% was required for PSYC3250, and will now be instead required to register in PSYC3290 Statistical Analyses in Psychology

No action is required by students. 

You can view the new program requirements here

To discuss the implications of this change to your program, contact one of our faculty advisors


PSYC4460 Advanced Topics in Clinical and Applied Developmental Psychology

Normally a Winter offering, PSYC4460 will be offered in BOTH Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 for the 23/24 academic year only.


PSYC4790 Qualitative Methods

PSYC4790 has been paused for Fall 2023. Contact your thesis supervisor to discuss this further.