What are the changes to the regularly scheduled courses?

Fall 2020

Any questions about Fall'20 can be directed to shelder@uoguelph.ca.

All components of undergraduate course delivery in Psychology will be virtual in Fall’2020. This includes lectures, seminars, quizzes, mid-terms, final exams, presentations etc.

UNLESS: you are registered (or it is your intention to register) in an independent study course such as PSYC*3240, 3910, 4240, 4870/4880. If you will be taking one of these courses, you must contact your supervisor to discuss whether your presence on campus will be required.

PSYC*2360 Psychological Methods and Statistics

  • This course will be offered without seminar sections. 

PSYC*2410 Behavioural Neuroscience I

  • This course will be offered in DE format for F20

PSYC*3330 Memory and Attention

  • This course has been cancelled for F20. It will next be offered in F21.

PSYC*4310 Advanced Topics in Social and Applied Social Psychology

  • This course is normally offered in Winter semesters. For Fall'20, this is an additional offering that will provide students who are registered in the Honours Thesis Course PSYC*4870 with an opportunity to study qualitative research methods. For further information you can contact Professor Kieran O'Doherty, course instructor, at odohertk@uoguelph.ca or the Honours Thesis course instructor, Professor Mark Fenske, at mfenske@uoguelph.ca. PSYC*4310 is tentatively scheduled to be offered again in W21.

PSYC*4330 Industrial/Organizational Psychology

  • This course has been cancelled for F20. It will next be offered in F21.