What do I do if a course that is REQUIRED for my degree is full and I need to take it this semester?

Required courses refer to your current program of study. If you intend to transfer transfer programs in the future, or if you are shadowing a degree, we will only consider you to be in the new program once you have submitted the transfer paperwork. Please forward documentation to this effect to shelder@uoguelph.ca.

Most required courses are offered every Fall and Winter, and there will be another opportunity to take it in the next semester. A course is only considered to be required this semester if NOT taking it would delay your progress towards graduation.

Psychology students can check their degree requirements here. If the course is listed as a program requirement for THIS semester, contact the Academic Advisor and Manager Sharon Helder at shelder@uoguelph.ca to request consideration for a waiver. Note that it may not be possible to grant your request.