Graduate Student Tuition Fees Fall 2019 Cohort 2015 Guelph Campus

International Full-time Student Tuition and Fees (by semester)

International Graduate Student Tuition and Fees (Full-Time) Fees excluding charges for Cooperative Program, Meal Plan, Residence and Parking
Program Full-Time Tuition Program-Specific Fees (Compulsory) Program-Specific Fee Description Compulsory Fees UHIP Subtotal Optional Fees Total ($CAN)
Landscape Architecture 6217.96 0.00 N/A 736.78 636.00 7590.74 119.70 $7710.44
Applied Nutrition 6217.96 1500.00 Internship Fee 736.78 636.00 9090.74 69.70 $9160.44
MA/MSc/MASc/GDip* 6217.96 0.00 N/A 736.78 636.00 7590.74 69.70 $7660.44
Other Master's 6217.96 0.00 N/A 736.78 636.00 7590.74 69.70 $7660.44
DVSc 6217.96 0.00 N/A 736.78 636.00 7590.74 69.70 $7660.44
MEng 6217.96 0.00 N/A 736.78 636.00 7590.74 69.70 $7660.44
PhD 5946.95 0.00 N/A 736.78 636.00 7319.73 69.70 $7389.43

*Excluding Executive programs, such as MA Lead and GDip accounting.
- UHIP: The University Health Insurance Plan is a mandatory insurance to pay the cost of the hospital and medical services that international students may need during their stay in Canada while registered at the University.
- For information about changing status from international to domestic, see "Changes in Status"

Compulsory Fees (see the descriptions of these Compulsory Fees)
Type of Fee Amount ($CAN)
Athletic Building Fee 51.06
Athletic Fee 126.64
Student Health Services Fee 31.44
Academic Support – Library 12.00
Academic Support – Student Experience 14.75
Financial Aid Services 8.20
Counselling Services Fee 18.53
Career Services 6.06
Safewalk 0.33
University Centre Fee 15.39
Bus Pass 148.00
Bus Pass - late night service 9.00
Guelph Student FoodBank* 2.38
Student Dental Plan 118.00
Student Health Plan 175.00
Total: 736.78

*This fee will not be charged in the Fall 2019 semester.
The Student Dental and Health Plans have a limited opt-out period. Students need to provide proof of alternate coverage and submit an online opt-out form. Students who wish to obtain family coverage under these plans must submit a family add-on form by the posted deadline. An additional premium is charged.
Full-time students who are conducting their research at a distance greater than 200 km. from Guelph for the entire semester will be responsible only for the tuition, the GSA fees, the Medical Insurance and the Dental Plan and, in the case of international students, the UHIP fee (if applicable) for the semester indicated. Exemption from the other student fees must be requested using the Full-Time Distant Fee Status Application form, available on the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website. Such requests will be considered on an individual basis and must be done for each semester.

Optional Fees (see the descriptions of these Optional Fees)
Type of Fee Amount ($CAN)
University of Guelph Graduate Student Association 34.87
GSA Bursary Fund 3.11
Canadian Federation of Students 3.20
Canadian Federation of Students - Ontario 2.69
Energy Retrofit 8.17
Student Life Enhancement Fund (SLEF) 2.81
G-OPIRG 7.10
CFRU 93.3 FM Radio and Media Centre 2.50
Special Grants and Speakers Fund 0.60
Visual and Performing Arts 0.60
Centre for Int’l Programs (Study Abroad) 0.60
Student Volunteer Connections 1.30
Total: 69.70

Landscape Architecture students have an additional optional fee of $50 for the BLA Student Society.

"The University reserves the right to make changes in the published schedule of fees and payment dates and also to assess charges, which are not included in the schedule of fees, for course material and/or transportation provided at University expense." (Please see the Graduate Calendar)