Undergraduate Student Tuition Fees Fall 2015 Cohort 2015 Guelph Campus

Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous Fees
Type of Fees Amount ($CAN)

Fine Art Courses

Students will have lab costs will be added to their billing


$348.92 per audited course

Account Deferral Fee

$60.00 per occurrence

Cheque Processing Fee

Applied to students receiving short term loans or OSAP advances.

$20.00 per occurrence

Distance Education Resource Fee

Non-refundable after the six-day add period.

$75.00 per Distance Education Course

Late Graduation Fee

Payable at time of submission of a late application for graduation.


Late Registration Fee

Payable at the time of late registration (fee payment).

Appeals against the late fee must be made in writing to the Secretary of the Late Appeals Committee within 10 class days from the commencement of classes. Appeal forms are available from Undergraduate Program Services, Office of Registrarial Services.

$60.00 per occurrence

Official Transcript

$12.00 each copy

Program Transfer Fee

For each applicant requesting a transfer from one degree program to another, or readmission.

$40.00 per occurrence

Registration Reinstatement Fee

Registration will be cancelled for students who have not paid or made satisfactory arrangement for payment by the deadline for the semester. Reinstatement on/after October 15th for the Fall semester, February 15 for the Winter semester and June 15th for the Summer semester (or the following Monday, if this date falls on a week-end) is not guaranteed and depends on approval of a Late Add being received from both the instructor for the course section and the Program Counsellor

$200.00 per occurrence for full-time status $100.00 per occurrence for part-time status

Supplemental Privilege

Students who write supplemental examinations at an outside centre may be required to pay an invigilator fee directly to that centre. Notification of non-payment will result in the withholding of grades.

$50.00 per occurrence

Application Fee

A fee will be charged for each application to challenge a course, irrespective of the number of courses specified in the application.


Course Fee

Students who are permitted to challenge a course will be charged a fee for the course, regardless of whether or not the challenge is successful.

1/2 of the tuition fee for the course

Note: If the student pays the fee for the supplemental privilege and subsequently chooses not to write it, a refund will be made if the request is submitted in writing at least 15 days prior to the scheduled date of the supplemental to Undergraduate Programs Services, Office of Registrarial Services.No refunds will be made for fees paid for examinations which were to be written at another university or college under the direction of the student.

"The University reserves the right to make changes in the published schedule of fees and payment dates and also to assess charges, which are not included in the schedule of fees, for course material and/or transportation provided at University expense." (Please see the Undergraduate Calendar - VI. Schedule of Fees (Changes in Fee Schedule))