Xiaoyuan Wan

Postdoctoral Fellow

Xiaoyuan (Sharon) Wan received her bachelor's degree in Urban Planning at Peking Univerity in China; and her PhD degree in Town and Regional Planning at the Universitty of Sheffield in the UK. Her research interest includes community planning, public participation and rural/small town planning.

Sharon's postdoctoral fellowship is funded by the Mitacs Accelerate program in partnership with the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation.

Research Initiatives

Sharon's postdoctoral fellowship is about evaluating the sustainability of the greenbelt's agricultural system. This research uses several indicators to assess the trends of agricultural viability and protection in the Greenbelt and the greater golden horseshoe since the establishment of the greenbelt. It also looks into the urbanization trend and farmland loss approaching the Greenbelt and aims at investigating its impact on the sustainability of the Greenbelt.