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Join us in THINC Lab for this workshop series, offering practical tips and tools for working in the digital humanities.


Winter 2018 DigiDo Series 


DigiDo Workshops Fall 2018 

Title: Compute Canada for Humanists
Did you know that Compute Canada has a growing research suite of tools aimed at humanities scholars and social scientists. Join John Morton of SHARCNET for an introduction to Compute Canada's (https://www.computecanada.ca/) support for research computing.  
Date: Wednesday, October 3rd
Time: 12 noon
Place: THINC Lab, 2nd floor, library
Title: An Introduction to the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory
Thinking about creating a digital edition of a text? Interested in learning about Canadian digital humanities projects? Join Susan Brown for an introduction to CWRC (https://beta.cwrc.ca/) as a resource and production environment for digital humanities projects. 
Date: Wednesday, October 24th
Time: 4pm
Place: THINC Lab, 2nd floor, library
Title: Citation Management
Struggle with bibliographies? Always looking for that resource that you read last week but didn't download? Join Kim Martin for an introduction to Citation Management tools. 
Date: Wednesday, November 7th
Time: 12 noon
Place: THINC Lab, 2nd floor, library