Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Digital Humanities, University of Guelph | College of Arts

Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Digital Humanities, University of Guelph

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$25,000(USD) for 4 months

Grants begin in either September 2020 or January 2021

Digital Humanities at the University of Guelph is a vibrant and expanding field of inquiry based at The Humanities Interdisciplinary Collaboration (THINC) Lab led by Canada Research Chair Susan Brown (Collaborative Digital Scholarship). The Fulbright Chair will conduct research that connects with the THINC lab’s three major themes: (1) online systems as transformative modes of collaborative knowledge production that support citizen scholarship, (2) dynamic knowledge creation, and (3) long‐term sustainability and preservation of the scholarly record. The Fulbright Chair will seek to redress gaps and biases in traditional and digital knowledge environments related to factors such as gender or indigeneity, ensuring that tools and standards enable enquiry into heterogeneity. 

Current THINC lab research explores the potential for semantic technologies to link resources in more effective ways, thereby promoting a smarter, more inclusive World Wide Web as well as developing infrastructure for linked open data. The College of Arts boasts a strong record of digital creative practice related to music, performance, and the haptic arts. In addition to conducting personal research, the Fulbright chair will also have the opportunity to participate in talks, short workshops, and collaborative learning sessions.

SpecializationsLinked open data, cultural critique, or collaborative methods.

Applicants are encouraged to identify their primary and alternate choices on the application. Formal letters of invitation should not be sought; however, applicants are encouraged to contact the institution to discuss research interests.


How to apply

The Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) provides administrative support to the Fulbright Program. 

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American scholars download the application instructions on the CIES website, and complete the online application.

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Applicants are encouraged to identify primary and alternate choices within the project statement and on the application form. This allows applicants to be considered for multiple awards, enhancing your chance of placement. Many of the research chairs are interdisciplinary, so please browse the various themes to find the research chair(s) that best suit your expertise.

Unless otherwise identified, formal letters of invitation are not necessary and not encouraged; however, applicants are encouraged to contact the institution to discuss research interests.