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Philosophy of Horror movie night - "THE BACCHAE"

  Euripides’ play The Bacchae presents an intriguing set of problems for political philosophy to parse. The Bacchae poses several dualisms within the tale of the mysterious stranger Dionysus who drives the women of Thebes into a religious frenzy and upends the political stability of the polis. Reason is challenged by irrationality. Civil society is confronted by the animalistic and horrendous powers of nature. The supremacy of male power is challenged by the feminine and androgynous.

Graduate Student Recruitment Day

We will be welcoming prospective graduate students with various events in the Philosophy Department. Stay tuned for details.

Andrew Wayne speaking at Auburn Philosophy Conference

Andrew Wayne will be speaking at the 11th Annual Auburn Philosophy Conference on Representation, Idealization and Explanation in Science.  

Book Symposium: Defending Biodiversity

International Society for Environmental Ethics, in affiliation with the American Philosophical Association, will hold a book symposium on J.Newman, G Varner and S. Linquist's,(2017) book: Defending Biodiversity: Environmental Science and Ethics. Commentators: Jay Odenbaugh (Lewis & Clark College), Roberta Millstein (UC Davis), Jennifer Welchman (University of Alberta).

Guelph Conference- The Philosophy of Horror

Occulted, Estranged and Inhuman Knowledges, hosted in Guelph, ON by members of the “Philosophy in the Dark” reading group, presents knowledge as a principle topic for interrogation through the mediums of philosophy, horror film, literature, visual arts and music. Knowledge (human and inhuman), the lack of knowledge, its perversion or theft, and the undermining of thought itself are all chief interests to our gathering. ​

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