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Guelph Conference- The Philosophy of Horror

Occulted, Estranged and Inhuman Knowledges, hosted in Guelph, ON by members of the “Philosophy in the Dark” reading group, presents knowledge as a principle topic for interrogation through the mediums of philosophy, horror film, literature, visual arts and music. Knowledge (human and inhuman), the lack of knowledge, its perversion or theft, and the undermining of thought itself are all chief interests to our gathering. ​

Ritika Pal's MA thesis defence

Thesis Title: The Combination Problem of Panpsychism                              and its Possible Solutions   ALL ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND

Michael Furac's MA thesis defence

Thesis Title: Cruelty and Callousness in Virtue Ethics: Why the                           Virtuous Agent Acts Well Towards Animals   ALL ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND  

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