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Reception Steelworkers

Charge of $375.00 ( Marilyn Smith was advised) Marilynext 58911 150 people charge for TSS

CME Convocation Reception

Booked by Carrie Herzog ext53171 Warned her next time ther e will be a rental fee, as of July 1/09 Want the space off to the left ofSecond Cup. charge for TSS

C of A and CBS Convocation Tea

Booked by Margaret Timmins ext. 53463 and Sherry Kinsella ext 53301 Exact times to follow. Starting at around 11am. Closed to publ ic.

Retirement Party

Booked by Joanna @ext57389 Executive Offices TSS charge

Poster Display by HHNS/Arend Bonen

100 Poster Displays will be set up in the lower level of theAtrium. Furniture will be removed June 1 and put back June 5. I have asked that they leave some seating for Second Cup patrons and guests of the posterdisplay. Booked by Arend Bonen ext 53028 Human Health and NutritionalSciences Mailed a floor plan of furniture on April 22/09 to Arend Bonen

Retirement Party

Booked by Ann Malcolm - Library ext 52332 100 people H ospitality is aware of second event at 7:30pm. Second Cup will remain open . NO sound system.

Social and Poster Display

Booked by Beren Robinson CBS Hospital ity setting up at 2pm

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