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ON Eng Competition Set Up

Brad Dixon booked the Friday night for set up for Sat. They plan to move tables and store in the Dean's office and Counselling offices. There is an additional charge of $375 for the use of the Atrium for the Frid ay night.

ASTRA /Massimo Pigliucci

Close early for set up!! Email Margaret to post signs! nPublic event


Booked by Sam K ext54703

Noon Hour Lecture

Bob McDonald, Quirks and Quarks, CBC Earth,Profile of a Planet Josef Ackerman- Faculty of Environmental Sciences e xt54809 Open to public Featuring guest lectures Oct.16,Nov.20,Jan.13,Feb.12, and Mar.19 to students over the lunch hour. May involve some mov ement of chairs.

Festive Season Reception

CBS Festive Reception booked by Toni P Private, ask Mar garet to post a sign.

Dinner/ X-Country meet/Athletic dept.

Set up may be earllier. Contact Slyvia Willms. ~150 people. Don - Open Atrium at 12Noon! Margaret- Post sign Friday night

Hospitality Set Up for Sat dinner

I have given Marg Whiting the ok to set up Friday night for Sa turday's banquet. She will let me know a time.

Poster display

Marc Boileau booked

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