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Graduate Studies

*The due date for COMPLETED applications for the next round of admissions (to begin degree work in Fall 2020) is February 1, 2020.

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our policies for undergraduates

E-mail Communication

As per University regulations, all students are required to check their <uoguelph.ca> e-mail account regularly: e-mail is the official route of communication between the University and its students.

Undergraduate Studies

Welcome to the first year History program! 

We offer a wide array of classes for our majors and minors and for anyone else with an interest in history. Students in our History program become informed and engaged global citizens through courses exploring every region of the world. We also offer thematic courses on the on the global history of sports, religions, and science and technology, to name a few. Our faculty have particular strengths in the histories of Canada, Scotland, Britain and Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. 

Undergraduate Programs in History

History students at Guelph earn one of the most versatile degrees available.

More and more, professions and professional schools look for young people with broad training, adaptable skills and clear judgment, rather than a narrow field of training. Our graduates are flexible, intelligent, polished communicators, researchers and problem solvers who follow their passions in business, law, education, civil service, education, journalism and the arts. And they make us very proud! Visit our Alumni page in Links.

writing history essays: some advice

Professors in the Department assign essays expecting their students to demonstrate definite cognitive skills in their written assignments. Such expectations include a demonstration of “superior grasp of the subject matter,” “familiarity with the appropriate literature and techniques,”, a demonstration of “critical,” “constructive,” and “high degree of creative and/or logical thinking,” and the ability to “organize” ideas, “analyze” issues, and “integrate ideas.” These expectations are fully described in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar of the University of Guelph.


History at Guelph offers undergraduate Honors majors and minors as well as an area of concentration to students in the Genera