ENGL*4400 Postcolonial Literatures (ENGL*4400) | College of Arts

ENGL*4400 Postcolonial Literatures (ENGL*4400)

Code and section: ENGL*4400*01

Term: Winter 2017

Instructor: Elaine Chang


This fourth-year seminar offers intensive engagement with selected works of postcolonial literature and theory. The seminar takes an issue- and problem-based approach to the vast historical and geopolitical reach of postcolonial cultural studies. Through close and critical reading of assigned materials, student presentations and papers, and occasional informal lectures, we will examine the following areas of concern, among others: relations of colonizer and colonized; anti-colonial resistance and decolonization; nations and nationalisms; the problem of terminology (e.g., the "post" in "postcolonial"; "third worldism," globalization and transnationalism); mutually constitutive constructions of gender and of race; questions of speech and agency and the postcolonial subject.


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