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MFA in Studio Art


MFA Handbook 2021-2022

The MFA program at the University of Guelph offers an outstanding educational experience which promotes active artmaking involving risk-taking, commitment and critical insight. The program equally supports interdisciplinary and media-specific practices. Individual development of artwork is stimulated by lively group seminars exploring contemporary art theory and practice. The innovative curriculum of the MFA program also includes a seminar course on pedagogy which recognizes teaching as a complementary pursuit for many contemporary artists.

Coursework is structured over a period of four semesters (two academic years) of full-time enrolment. Degree candidates present a thesis, which is comprised of an exhibition of artwork, a written support paper and an oral examination- three components that represent a thorough and integrated art practice. Throughout the duration of study, faculty advisors work closely with students in directing individual artwork and research projects. As a culminating highpoint, each semester concludes with intensive formal critiques involving all graduate faculty members, students and specially invited, distinguished artists and art professionals.

Patrick Cruz installation shot, end of term critique 2016

Azadeh Elmizadeh, installation for end of semester critique, 2019

Graduate students at the University of Guelph are provided with exceptionally spacious, individual studios which can accommodate a variety of media requirements. A range of technical labs and equipment facilities, supported by specialized technicians are readily available for graduate student use.

The faculty members of the MFA program are active artists with prominent reputations. They offer a wide range of media expertise involving extensive theoretical and aesthetic perspectives. At an optimal size for effective student-faculty interaction, the program readily accommodates cross-disciplinary exchange, a condition which is a defining feature of contemporary art. With an exceptionally committed graduate faculty and limited student enrolment, the MFA program is conducive to active dialogue and mutual participation. Graduate students are encouraged to experiment with confidence and to pursue their development as artists in an environment of flourishing intellectual, cultural, and social exchange.

Funding is offered to every MFA student for each of the four semesters of required enrolment.

For information about the Master of Fine Arts program, please contact
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