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Fine Arts Network

The Fine Arts Network (FAN), is a student-run group at the University of Guelph dedicated to advocating, and creating opportunities for, students in the Art History and Studio Art programs. We run and facillitate a wide variety of events, including student exhibitions, gallery trips, art history trivia pubs, art exchanges, and more! Anything to enrich students' educational experience in the fine arts, and bolster the community of our small but mighty programs.


Contact Info:

Link to the Fine Arts Network for ARTH/SART info and FAN events on Tumblr
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Office: Alexander Hall Rm. 379

Mailing address:
Fine Arts Network c/o School of Fine Art and Music
Zavitz Hall, University of Guelph
Guelph, ON
N1G 2W1

FAN coordinates many events throughout the fall and winter semesters.  All are great ways to connect with other students in your program or explore your area of study. Be sure to check out our Tumblr page for the complete list of FAN events, plus many other opportunities for art students offered by U of G. Some of the things we do:

Juried Art Show (JAS)

The Juried Art Show is among the oldest student-run juried art shows in Canada. JAS runs for 3 days during College Royal weekend in March and draws crowds from near and far. Professional judges are invited to jury the show and award an array of prizes.

Art in the Bullring

FAN works in conjunction with the Central Student Association (CSA) to enhance student life on campus. Art in the Bullring is one such opportunity for students to exhibit their work in a public space outside of the studio.

Art History Trivia

Several times per year FAN runs Art History Trivia pub nights at the Brass Taps.  There's free food and drinks, and lots of artwork - grab your friends, form a team, and see how much you can remember!

Art Supply Sale

In September we host an Art Supply sale in Branion Plaza, where all interested U of G students can stock up on creative supplies for the semester. Proceeds go towards running FAN events.

First Year Social

We organize a special night for first years during the fall, where students can mingle and get to know each other, especially if they missed O-Week.

CASU Arts Day

In the fall and winter CASU designates a day for all B.A. student groups, including FAN, to run creative activities for students on campus and celebrate their majors. We usually have a booth in the UC or Zavitz Hall - come de-stress and make a mess.


Come to our historical painting photobooth for a picture with your special someone. Or send them flowers. Or make them a card. We do all three


Each year we run a design competition and sell sweatshirts and tank tops for ARTH and SART students. Clothing is often available for purchase throughout the year, though new designs usually come in April. Proceeds go to running FAN events.

Bake Sales

We hold several bake sales per year to suport JAS, our other events, and other fundraisers.  Look for us in MacKinnon, Zavitz or Branion Plaza!

Nuit Blanche

FAN usually arranges a late-night bus to Nuit Blanche, the nighttime festival of contemporary art held in the streets of Toronto. Students have the option of returning with the bus or staying over and arranging their own transportation back.

New York City

Every year over reading week FAN organizes an extended trip to a major cultural centre, usually NYC. Students are given accommodation and are then free to explore and plan their own itinerary. Ticket sales go quickly and spots are limited so watch for advertisements during the Winter semester.