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The Classical Tradition (CLAS*2350)

Code and section: CLAS*2350*01

Term: Winter 2017

Instructor: P. O'Cleirigh



Course objectives:
    This course intends to examine how what had already become Classical tradition in Greece (classical in the sense of first class) was co-opted and successfully emulated by several Roman authors (writing in Latin). In understanding how this occurred we are in a more favourable position to comprehend how later stages of the same Classical tradition emerged. Two Roman writers (Ovid and Seneca) will be studied in the light of the educational system which was developed by the Greeks and adopted by the Romans.

Learning outcomes:
    The student, on successfully completing this course, will
1.    possess a broad knowledge of Greek and Roman education
2.    recognize important ways in which several Roman writers successfully emulated the literary achievements of earlier eminent Greeks, both rhetorically and philosophically
3    enjoy an enhanced ability to analyse and interpret any important literary text – in line with the University’s

Method of Presentation:

Lectures and Seminars

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