Conversational Chinese II (CHIN*1290) | College of Arts

Conversational Chinese II (CHIN*1290)

Code and section: CHIN*1290*01

Term: Winter 2017

Instructor: M. Hao


Course objectives:

This course further expands listening and speaking skills by systematically introducing grammatical points from the simple to the more complex using Pinyin, the Chinese phonetic alphabet system.


Learning outcomes:

l       Master “Putonghua” (Mandarin) pronunciation and intonation.

l       Master more than 1,000 commonly used words, and 80 essential grammatical points.

l       Capable of carrying on conversations on 40 topics of daily life situations.


Textbook required:

l       Intensive Spoken Chinese 口语速成

l       CD for the text conversations


Material recommended:

l       Pronunciation practices


Method of presentation:

l     The course will teach only the essential and ensure plenty of practice.

l     Active student participation is vitally important to a successful experience of learning the language.

l     Pre-class preparation and after-class review of the materials are essential to achieving the learning outcomes.


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