Epic Heroes and Poems (in Greek) (CLAS*3080) | College of Arts

Epic Heroes and Poems (in Greek) (CLAS*3080)

Code and section: CLAS*3080*01

Term: Winter 2017

Instructor: A. Sherwood


This double-credit course will combine the study of the epic genre in translation (+CLAS*3030) with the close reading of several Books of the Iliad in Greek.

For students who attend all the classes, do all the reading and are focussed, they will gain a much clearer and firmer grasp of Homeric Greek and the subtle and intricate language which was used to create two of the greatest epics of the Western Canon of literature. In addition they will begin to understand why the study of these epics in the original language continues after more than 2500 years of study by scholars, and that more is still being discovered regarding the original “classics” of literature


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