History of the Hellenistic World (in Greek) F17 (CLAS*3070) | College of Arts

History of the Hellenistic World (in Greek) F17 (CLAS*3070)

Code and section: CLAS*3070*01

Term: Fall 2017

Instructor: A. Sherwood


The rise and fall of the Hellenistic states from the death of Alexander the Great until the Roman conquest, with political emphasis on the development of the monarchies and cultural emphasis on the Hellenization of the East.

Learning Outcomes:  
The student, on successfully completing this course, will

1) possess an exact understanding of a centrally important Hellenistic Greek poet as well as of one of Plutarch’s Greek Lives, in addition to a comprehensive knowledge (gained in CLAS*3020) of Greek domination of the East from the 320s onwards

2) recognise the ways in which the two Greek authors being studied utilize excellent compositional elements in earlier  Greek literature

3) enjoy an increased ability to analyse and interpret other literary texts, in
line with the University’s learning objective of literacy.

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