Intermediate Chinese II W18 (CHIN*2210) | College of Arts

Intermediate Chinese II W18 (CHIN*2210)

Code and section: CHIN*2210*01

Term: Winter 2018

Instructor: tba



Course objectives:

This course is a continuation of the Intermediate Chinese I. Most of the basic sentence structures of Chinese will be covered. The course introduces idioms, the essence of Chinese and other topics of interest to students, to enhance students’ comprehensive communications skills.

Learning outcomes:

  • Skillfully master the Mandarin Chinese pronunciation and Pinyin.
  • Have a reading vocabulary of 1,000 Chinese characters.
  • Capable of speaking and writing as to familiar subjects.
  • Employ strategy of the language learning; enhance awareness and ability of intercultural communications.




Instructor consent required


  • New Practical Chinese Reader Textbook Vol. 2 新实用汉语课本
  • New Practical Chinese Reader Workbook Vol. 2 练习册
  • Two CD sets for the Textbook and Workbook respectively

Method of presentation:

  • The course will teach only the essential and ensure plenty of practice.
  • Active student participation is vitally important to a successful experience of learning the language.
  • After-class completion of exercises in the workbook and memorization of characters from the textbook are essential to achieving the learning outcomes.

Evaluation method:


Calendar course descriptions with pre-requisites and restrictions can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar